The Precious Moment Called “Now”


We live in a society focused on self-improvement.  Striving for success is an esteemed virtue, and the shelves of bookstores are filled with “how to” books, promising that in seven or ten easy steps you can improve, change, advance, discover, identify or uncover the person you are meant to be.  We’re bombarded with messages that we can and should be a better mother, father, wife, husband, employee or athlete, and we’re passing those directives on to our children, indirectly if not directly. Continue reading


Being Held in the Midst of Tragedy


I originally wrote this journal entry 2 years ago when a mother in New York had her children murdered by their nanny.  I’m resurrecting it again as I’ve been reading this week about Ryan Saldana, the adorable 3 year old boy with wild red hair, who was killed by a truck.  My heart goes out to his parents.  I’ve felt the same sadness for them as I did for Marina two years ago, and it has made me hold my boys a little tighter and appreciate the preciousness and fragility of life.  May God hold this family tenderly in the palm of his hands.  #redballoonsforryan

I’ve found myself sobbing numerous times this week, as my thoughts have turned repeatedly to Marina Krim, the mother who lost her two precious children in New York last Thursday. It is every mother’s worst nightmare – the unexpected loss of a child. The viciousness of the attack and inability to come up with a motive make this mother’s loss especially tragic. Yet, any mother who has lost a child for any reason knows the depth of her pain. Continue reading