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Breathe: 30 Daily Meditations for Women  - This world is filled with distractions, demands, and the static of busy lives.  Technology, work, kids, spouses, friends, and commitments all fight for our time and attention.  We need to align our spirits and connect with God every day to cut through the chaos and tap into the limitless reservoir of peace, love, joy, hope and contentment available to us.  Breathe is a simple and easy guide to begin a daily spiritual practice.  The daily readings include four sections: deep breathing exercise, a meditation, positive affirmations, and guided journaling.  Sign up for my email list below, and receive a free copy of the first 7 daily Breathe readings!  You will also receive notification when the book is available.  Coming Soon!


Sara Christenson is a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur, and lover of all things inspirational and joyful. Learn more.


Sara is the published co-author of Malibu Nanny (read by over 8 million) and is currently working on her first memoir and a meditation guide, both which will be available soon. Learn More.


Need some inspiration?  Sara loves sharing her thoughts on relationships, love and her spiritual journey.  Inspiring women to live a life full of gratitude and joy is her passion.  Learn More.


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