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My First Memoir Coming Soon!

FootNotes: Discovering God in the Fine Print  is a raw and revealing spiritual memoir.  Adrift in a glamorous, affluent life in Los Angeles that was spiraling out of control, 30-year-old Sara Christenson’s reality abruptly shifts to an unfamiliar plane when her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The events of the next twelve months shake her foundations, as she struggles to make sense of the back-to-back deaths of both parents, while going through a difficult separation and divorce from her husband of ten years. Sara desperately searches for meaning and purpose in life, embarking on a journey through Europe and a pilgrimage to Israel. Rediscovering God through the lens of relationship, rather than religion, Sara explores the lessons she has learned about life and overcoming hurt and loss, while inspiring readers to connect with God - and their inner being - in a new way.  FootNotes will be available soon.  Email me to receive notification when the book is available.


Sara Christenson is a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur, and lover of all things inspirational and joyful. Learn more.


Sara has co-authored and self-published one book and is currently working on her own memoir, which will be available soon. Learn More.

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