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Malibu Nanny

Malibu Nanny:  Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, which is co-written by Sara Christenson, is the story of Pam Behan, a girl from Minnesota with dreams of fame and adventure, who leaves her small town existence behind, landing in the midst of glamor and wealth as a Hollywood nanny.  Pam endears herself to the Jenner and Kardashian clans and finds herself in some funny and surprising circumstances, learning along the way that money and status are not the secret to happiness, and the simple life back in the Midwest is all she ever really wanted.  Contrasting the humble Midwestern life of Pam’s childhood with the alluring and affluent existence of Malibu and Beverly Hills, this memoir provides a true insider’s account of life inside the reality stars’ childhood homes.  Readers will fall in love with funny and sometimes naive Pam on her search for love, adventure and true happiness – a journey of heartbreak and tragedy that ultimately leads her back home.  Learn more about Pam (Sara's childhood best friend) and her book at kardashiannanny.  Malibu Nanny reached the top 50 in Memoirs on Amazon, was downloaded over 8 million times (free ebook version), and sold more than 5,000 copies.  The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.  Click here to purchase on Amazon.



Breathe: 30 Daily Meditations for Women  - This world is filled with distractions, demands, and the static of busy lives.  Technology, work, kids, spouses, friends, and commitments all fight for our time and attention.  We need to align our spirits and connect with God every day to cut through the chaos and tap into the limitless reservoir of peace, love, joy, hope and contentment available to us.  Breathe is a simple and easy guide to begin a daily spiritual practice.  The daily readings include four sections: deep breathing exercise, a meditation, positive affirmations, and guided journaling.  Sign up for my email list on my home page to receive a free copy of the first 7 daily Breathe readings, and to be notified when the book is available.


Seeking: A Journey of the Spirit is a raw and revealing spiritual memoir.  Adrift in a glamorous, affluent life in Los Angeles that was spiraling out of control, 30-year-old Sara Christenson’s reality abruptly shifts to an unfamiliar plane when her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The events of the next twelve months shake her foundations, as she struggles to make sense of the back-to-back deaths of both parents, while going through a difficult separation and divorce from her husband of ten years. Sara desperately searches for meaning and purpose in life, embarking on a journey through Europe and a pilgrimage to Israel. Rediscovering God through the lens of relationship, rather than religion, Sara explores the lessons she has learned about life and overcoming hurt and loss, while inspiring readers to connect with God - and their inner being - in a new way.  Seeking will be available soon.  Email me to receive notification when the book is available.


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